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Our Keyword Research & Discovery Service will identify your most efficient phrases & key terms to target for your SEO Outreach. Allowing you to reach more qualified traffic, for less.

Frequency: Unlimited

Keyword Research can & should be done on every core page on your website. Every Time you have something you want to rank – you should have data to improve your chances.

Risk: None

Our Keyword Research does not affect or alter your website in anyway – as we do not implement the changes for you. It poses absolutely no risk to your website or SEO health.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a core task of SEO that involves identifying popular/efficient words & phrases that are entered into Search Engines. It helps to give a better understanding of what people search for, and the demand of each phrase or term – alongside how difficult it would be to rank for the specific terms.

Though it’s not just about how many searches a specific term has. Our research helps us discover the optimum language or phrasing used which show user intent. Allowing us to identify the most efficient key terms to invest in.

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How long does it take?

We aim for a 14-day turn around time from the moment we start working on the Keyword Research. During that time, we’ll be in contact with you if we require more information.

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Keyword Research FAQs

How often should I do Keyword Research

Keyword Research isn’t a one-off task. You’re websites entire foundation and longevity is dependant on effective targeting and user acquisition. Search language and usage constantly evolves over time, and it is highly recommended that fresh research is done when new content, or structural changes are made, alongside occasional 1-2 year checkups (or sooner if you noticed decreased user Acquisition whilst having the same rankings).

Does better Keyword targeting mean more Sales?

In the majority of cases,  As long as you rank well for your selected terms, better targeting means a higher quality of traffic. But, there are many factors which could affect a potential sale. Everything from your Website Design, Colour Schemes, Conversion Optimisation & Website Speed – can and will affect your users journey across your website. Even if you have all those things, if your offer or product isn’t what people want – they won’t buy it.

Why am I not competing with my Competitors?

Just because your competitors are ranking for a term they *think* is efficient – doesn’t mean that it is. Frequently across all industries, people use Key Terms and Phrases they think users would enter – but without any research or data to back up their thoughts, and frequently, they’re making poor choices.

Targeting inefficient terms is the same as wasting money. Ranking #1 for a term with zero searches per month achieves nothing.

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