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Niche edits are the pinnacle of SEO. Our in-content niche edits are carefully integrated editorially to flow with the content. This gives your site a much-needed boost to your SERP rankings.

Frequency: Unlimited

The beauty of niche edits is that you can use them on every keyword on your site. You can get an unlimited number of niche edits targeting a wide range of key terms. But to get started, we highly recommend that you focus on your main terms or ‘low hanging fruit’.

Risk: Low

Our niche edits are only from genuine outreach. We ensure that every link placement appears naturally in search engines’ eyes so that your site does not sustain any damage. No PBNs. No poor-quality sites. No duplicate link inserts. Only 100% unique niche edits integrated into established websites!

So, What are Niche Edits?

A niche edit is simply a backlink that’s placed in an already existing piece of content. This type of link diversifies your link profile, providing you with an effective way to rank your website quickly for your preferred terms. Niche edits can be integrated into aged blog posts, guest posts, or other pages within your niche.

Niche edits are different from guest posts. The latter involves publishing a new piece of content with a link pointing back to your website.

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How Long Does It Take for us to Deliver?

We have a fast turn-around time to ensure that you get results quickly. We aim to complete your order within 30 days from the moment you make your request. Once we have implemented the backlinks, it’s up to Google and other search engines to index them.

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It’s Time You Dominated Your Competitors!

Niche edits are perhaps the one trick that your competitors are hiding up their sleeves. Get quality link inserts targeting specific key terms/pages on your website and dominate your competitors at an affordable rate!


Niche Edit


1x Curated Link with
Domain Authority: 30+
Referring Domains: 500+


Niche Edit


1x Curated Link with
Domain Authority: 20-40
Referring Domains: 250-500


Niche Edit


1x Curated Link with
Domain Authority: 10-30
Referring Domains: 100-250


Niche Edit


1x Curated Link with
Domain Authority: 10-20
Referring Domains: 20-100

SAVE 40%

Silver Pack
Niche Edits


15x Curated Links
2x Grade A
4x Grade B
4x Grade C
5x Grade D

SAVE 50%

Gold Pack
Niche Edits


30x Curated Links
4x Grade A
7x Grade B
9x Grade C
10x Grade D

Niche Edits FAQs

What Exactly are Niche edits?

Also known as curated links or link inserts, niche edits are links added on an already existing content piece indexed by Google. They represent an SEO technique; whereby high-quality blog articles and pages are edited to add a link pointing back to a website.

Unlike guest posts, niche edits do not require new content. By getting a link from a blog post with authority, you bring more SEO juice to your site, which ultimately means better ranking.

What Are the Benefits of Niche Edits?

Apart from the obvious benefits of influencing your rankings and moving your keywords to the top of search engines, niche edits offer a myriad of benefits. These links allow you to diversify your link profile, which is a significant ranking factor considered by search engines. They also power your site’s DR (domain rating) and DA (domain authority), giving you a competitive edge in your niche.

Niche edits are also a cheaper way to acquire backlinks. Unlike guest posts, where you have to bear the cost of writing content and editing, niche edits only require you to provide your preferred key terms and destination link and have them carefully integrated on established websites.

Are Niche Edits Fully White-Hat?

Truthfully, that depends on the nature of your link insert. Although Google isn’t the biggest fan of link building, integrating your link edits on highly relevant content appears completely natural. In essence, it’s not the link that determines if your practice is white, grey, or Blackhat; it’s more about the nature of how you implement it.

Will the Content be Relevant to My Niche Edit?

Absolutely! Our outreach team only sources highly relevant sites to ensure your link mentions are as relevant as possible. We place your link contextually and make sure that there’s a natural flow of the content.

Do Niche Edits Work?

Yes, they do! Like other types of backlinks, niche edits have been proven to have SEO power, especially when correctly integrated. To make them appear natural and fully white hat, these links need to be inserted in highly relevant content and well-established sites.

When building niche edits, we ensure that we only pick aged URL that has good authority. The website also needs to be highly relevant, not to mention have a fair amount of traffic.

Why are Niche Edits Powerful?

Niche edits are the “hidden charm” of SEO. Since these links are integrated on aged articles with higher authority, Google and other search engine algorithms tend to give them more strength, moving your keywords higher on search result pages. They can’t be labeled as paid links as long as they are correctly implemented.

How Much does Niche Edits Cost?

It depends. Based on the websites’ domain authority and referring domains, you can get a wide range of price points. Niches in the adult and gambling sectors tend to have a higher pricing because they are harder to get. However, prices for niche edits are lower than those of guest posts considering there’s no new content needed.

Our prices are affordable to clients in all niches. You can get one curated link with as little as 60 pounds, with a domain authority of 10 – 20 and referring domains ranging from 20 -100. We also have custom packages for £100 and £150 to accommodate every budget and need.

Guest Post vs. Niche Edits: What's the Difference?

Simply put, guest posts are links integrated into a new article that you request to be published on a website. For instance, if you provide legal services, you can contact a website of your choice and ask them to host your piece of content with a link pointing back to your site.

Niche edits, on the other hand, are the opposite of that. They are merely contextual backlinks inserted into an article that already exists. They can be implemented on keyword/anchor texts that already exists or simply a new keyword added as an update.

What is Domain Authority [DA]?

Developed by Moz, Domain Authority (DA) is simply a search engine ranking designed to predict how well a site is likely to rank on search result pages (SERPs). DA ranges between 1 and 100, with 100 showing the greatest ability to rank. The number is arrived based on several factors, including the total number of links and root domains pointing to the website.

What are Referring Domains [RDs]?

Also known as linking domains, referring domains are websites from which backlinks are received. For instance, if you obtain a backlink from website A, that site becomes one of your referring domains. The value of that domain is measured by the website’s domain authority, which is a major ranking signal by Google and other search engines.

Note: one referring domain can have multiple backlinks to your website.

Can I buy multiple links?

Absolutely! You can order any number of links pointing to different pages on your website or other properties. As long as the host website is highly relevant to your page, there shouldn’t be any problem.

As backlink monks, we take precautions to ensure that we don’t duplicate our link inserts so that your site doesn’t get any harm. Each link edit is manually done using your preferred key terms and as per your request.

Are all of the links niche-specific?

Yes. For niche edits to perform optimally and prevent any issues with the Google algorithm, all link inserts have to be highly relevant. For instance, if you want a niche edit to a service page, we only outreach established websites that are niche-specific to what you offer.

Do you work in all niches?

Yes. Our team continuously scours the internet to find high-quality websites in different niches to ensure that we have something that suits every customer. From health to legal to eCommerce to gaming niches, we have something for you!

What's the Turn-Around Time for niche Edits?

Only 30 days! Depending on the number of orders and your niche, we can get your requests ready within a month. Pretty quick, yea?

When Can I Expect to See Results?

Well, it depends. When a niche edit is implemented, it’s up to Google to decide when to index it. Once it’s indexed, you can begin to see movements in search result pages within days. However, this movement might be influenced by the domain authority of the host website and the strategy used to integrate the link.

As industry leaders in niche edits, we know what it takes to get quality link inserts that move the needle within a few days to weeks of implementation.

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