Usage: New Sites

Pillow Links act as a shield for your website, by diversifying backlinks it helps it look like it’s going through an organic and natural link building process.

Frequency: Once

Due to the structure of Pillow Links, they can only be built once per domain – and are built directly to the homepage. No keywords or niches are selectable.

Risk: Low/None

Pillow Links are completely white hat and Google safe. These natural links pose no risk to your website, and in fact provide a buffer for further link building.

So, What are
Pillow Links?

Pillow Links are a slow dripped, natural looking backlinks that act as a shield for a website. We will always try and build links as close to your specific niche as possible. These links then help let Google know that you are a real business whilst providing a buffer for future heavier link building or outreach tactics.

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How long does it take?

We aim for a 2-3 week turn around time from the moment we start working on the order. Once the backlinks are in place, it is up to Google to then index those links.

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Ready to Equip your Pillow Shield?

For a one-off price, you can deploy a buffer and shield your site ready for future link building

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30 Soft Links

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What’s Included?

  • Citations
  • Niche Directories
  • Forum & Social Profiles
  • Web 2.0s
  • Diversity Links
  • 200+ Social Signals
  • And more!
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Pillow Link FAQs

Can I buy multiple packs?

We don’t recommend getting more than one pillow link pack per site. If you’d like more foundation type links, you can check out our Local Citations. If you’re after some more powerful links – check out our ‘Heavy Guns’ – Niche Edits.

Are all of the links niche-specific?

We will get you as many local, niche relevant links as we can. We also go after the most powerful and trusted profiles. Based on what your competitors are doing, you will receive a very natural mix of links.

Am I allowed to pick specific profiles?

Unfortunately not. We do not do custom pillow link orders. We have a system of obtaining the best links for your site that we stick to because of its proven success.

Can I log into my Web 2.0s?

No, we used aged Web 2.0 accounts that we own that have more trust and authority to better influence your rankings in the SERPs.

Do you index the links?

No, we do not provide an indexing service at this time, and we usually do not like to force-index links. We recommend letting them index naturally over time.

Which URLs do I point Pillow Links to?

Pillow Links are linked directly and only to your sites homepage.

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