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Usage: Preparation

Website & SEO audits should be performed routinely in order to keep on top of your websites health. At the very least, it should be done prior to starting SEO Outreach.

Frequency: Unlimited

Audits can be completed on-demand as required. They should be used routinely on sites that continuously add new content/products or after structural changes.

Risk: None

Our Website & SEO Audits have no ability to damage a website or it’s current SEO. They can only offer advice to improve the performance, structure & potential SEO capabilities.

What is a Website & SEO Audit?

A Website & SEO Audit is the process of analyzing how well your website performs in the real world, which includes checking User Experience, Optimisation & Website Speed. As well as it’s web presence in relation to best known SEO practices. It’s aim is to identify as many foundational issues that may potentially affect your organic search performance as possible.

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How long does it take?

We aim for a maximum 14-day turnaround time from the moment we start working on your audit. Please be aware that if you are requesting audits on sites with hundreds, or thousands of pages – that this will take longer.

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Website & SEO Audit FAQs

What exactly is included in your Audit?

Our audit covers the following topics:

  • Onsite & Technical SEO Issues
  • Schema & Microdata Issues
  • User Experience & Usability (Desktop/Mobile)
  • Website Performance
  • Social Integration
  • Website Security

Do I get a report?

Ofcourse! You’ll get a detailed report, alongside our recommendations of what can be done to improve each topic where applicable.

Do you fix the problems/issues you find?

We do not. Our audits are for issues discovery – rather than a service for  solving all your Website issues. Dependant on your Audit results, we may be able to provide further support – but we will always advise you on how to improve or fix your scores.

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